Ghislaine Boddington is a presenter, curator and director specialising in body responsive technologies, immersive experiences and collective embodiment, pioneering it as ‘hyper-enhancement of the senses’ and ‘hyper-embodiment’ since the late 80s. Coming from a performing arts background, she has focused on the blending of the virtual and physical body through converging telepresence, sensors, motion capture, wearables, gesture interfaces, biofeedback, robotics, virtual worlds and mixed realities into experiential environments.

She coined the term ‘The Internet of Bodies’ as part of her research which she keynotes internationally. She is a Reader in Digital Immersion at the University of Greenwich and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She sits on the Advisory Board of AI & Society journal by Springer and consults across corporate, creative industries, academia and arts sectors, gathering inter-sectorial insights and links through her work. In 2017 she was awarded the international IX Immersion Experience Visionary Pioneer Award by the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) for her long term work in immersion and the future of the body.

Boddington is co-presenting bi-weekly as Studio Expert for the renowned radio show BBC Digital Planet (formerly Click), the BBC World Service flagship technology and society programme and podcast.

Selected keynotes and presentations:


  • Keynote – ‘The Internet of Bodies – body data and ethics’ at UK Research and Innovation’s Industrial Strategy conference ‘BEYOND – AI and Creativity’, Edinburgh, UK
  • Keynote – ‘The Internet of Bodies – alive, collective and connected’ at Women in Games European Conference, London, UK 
  • Keynote Speaker – ‘Internet of Bodies: Exploring the Future Human and Collective Engagement Scenarios’ for ‘Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age’ Conference, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Presentation – ‘Cyborg Futures’ for The Pioneers, Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna, Austria 
  • Opening Keynote ‘The Internet of Bodies – alive, connected and collective’ and ‘Biohacking on Stage Live Human Chip Implant Show’ for Mobile World Congress / 4YFN (4 Years From Now), Barcelona, Spain


  • Keynote Speaker – ‘Women in Tech: Diversity & Inclusivity Enables Innovation’ for the Deutsche Bank Women Entrepreneurs in Social Tech Accelerator Launch at Deutsche Bank, London, UK
  • Keynote – ‘Internet of Bodies – alive, connected and collective’ for the House of Beautiful Business, Academy of Science, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Presentation and curation – ‘Future humans: Augmented selves’ and ‘AI and Creativity Futures’ for Nesta’s FutureFest, London, UK
  • Presentation – Live Human Chip Implant Show ‘You have been upgraded’ for Manchester Science Festival, UK
  • Keynote – ‘The Internet of Bodies’ for the Simulation Training for Resilience & Safety Symposium, London, UK


  • Opening Keynote – ‘The Internet on Bodies – alive, connected and collective’ for Internet Mobile World, Bucharest, Romania
  • Keynote – ‘Internet of Bodies – alive, connected and collective’ for Manchester Science Festival, UK
  • Opening Keynote – ‘Internet of Bodies’ for IX Immersion Experience Symposium for SAT Dome, Montreal, Quebec 
  • Presentation – ‘Internet of Bodies – alive, connected and collective’ for Thinking Digital, Newcastle, UK


  • Keynote Speaker and curation – ‘Live Human Chip Implant Show’ for Nesta’s FutureFest, London, UK
  • Presentation – ‘Women in Tech’ for Telefonica Digital Futures, London, UK
  • Presentation – ‘The Internet of Bodies – connected and collective’ for Develop:Evolve VR conference, Brighton, UK
  • Keynote – ’The Internet of Bodies” for Market Research Council Conference, London, UK

Selected previous and present clients:

Deutsche Bank; UK Research and Innovation; BBC World Service; London Tech Week; British Council; Toyota Europe; Nesta; Market Research Society UK; Women in Games Europe; Here East London; EU Forum Europe Digital; King’s College London; V&A London; EUNIC; 4YFN / Mobile World Congress; Google; Manchester Science Festival; Convergence Festival London; Techxlr8 London; British Library; FutureLab London; Plexal Innovation Centre; LORCA Cybersecurity London; SAT Montreal; Stylus London; Digital Catapult; London Games Festival; Bacardi Ltd; Studio Wayne McGregor; TEDx’s Limassol and Vienna; Media Trendy Warsaw; Sadler’s Wells London; cda Paris; BFI Sci-Fi Fest; Develop VR; Zealous; ISEA Hong Kong; Tech London Advocates; Daiwa Foundation; Crafts Council London; Virtual Futures International; Halidale Group; University of Cambridge; Imperial College London; Salford Business School, etc.

Ghislaine regularly receive significant press / TV coverage of her work in written articles and is asked to input topical commentary for TV, radio and government reports on her key expertise. Recent reviews and interviews on her expertise include Financial Times, Forbes, Sky News, The Independent, The Guardian, Vice Canada and UK, BBC World News, BBC Science, BBC World Service, Digital Futures Telefonica, Upload VR, Daily Mail, Playboy, The Memo, etc.