As we mature through the digital revolution our basic human need for collaboration is starting to define the types of experiences we want our technologies to offer us – interactive, reflective and conducive to the creation of a more positive life.

Ghislaine believes in what she calls “the incredible beauty of inter-disciplinary specialists working together in co-creation” and shares in this talk several key collaboration methods for the positive enablement of both teams and customers, extending options for successful products and service-based launches.

Exploring our approach to collaborative engagement she proposes two exercises to use in every project – the I/We Syndrome Check Point and The Weave, a making process that ensures a balanced between the body, the technology and the output. With productive examples of the types of experiences and interactions required by today’s digitally sophisticated customers, she points to pathways ahead to help your teams to design for the experience economy, with key touch points for positive engagement.

“This ever expanding digital eco-system is not yet fully understood by anyone, from big business to the most radical innovators – it is new learning for all – yet what is clear is that the body is the interface for the virtual physical future of our experiences and our senses.” Ghislaine Boddington