Ghislaine Boddington on The Internet of Bodies, Body Data and Ethical Futures at Beyond 2019
Beyond is the annual R&D conference for the creative industries. In 2019 the conference explored the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and creativity. 20-21 November 2019 in Edinburgh, UK.

Ghislaine on The Internet of Bodies at House of Beautiful Business
Ghislaine is intrigued by technology’s immersive potential and often explores the ability of technology to augment our senses through her performance works and interactive installations. She sees a future in which we connect ourselves into a networked “multi-self,” an “Internet of Bodies” bound by sensors and implants, tele-intuition, and a dissolution of the boundaries between physical and virtual.

Ghislaine on Future Love – The Internet of Bodies, TEDx Vienna
Across the next decade the convergence of many high level technological tools will enable the deeper blending of connected bodies at a distance. This talk outlines the positive potentials and opportunities of this for distant lovers and partners who will be enabled to reunite and engage in a far more satisfactory way than through today’s social media and 2D screen links, taking our intimacies beyond the physical, merging us sensually within the virtual.