With many years of experience in virtual presence design, Ghislaine is in the present situation available for virtual keynotes, presentations and consultations. For enquiries regarding Ghislaine’s availability, please contact Michael Levey at Speaking Office.

Ghislaine is an award-winning speaker, curator and director, specialising in the future human, body responsive technologies and immersive experiences. She is Co-founder and Creative Director of body>data>space. With a background in dance and performing arts and a long-term focus on the blending of our virtual and physical bodies, she engages in highly topical and future digital issues for our living bodies, including personal data usage, and sees a future in which we connect ourselves into a networked “multi-self,” an “Internet of Bodies” enabled by hyper-enhancement of the senses and tele-intuition.
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“Ghislaine Boddington believes fully that body intelligence is a key part of making collective intelligence work and she’s spent the past 30 years proving it. Beautiful, elegant, funny and dynamic, Ghislaine speaks 70+ times a year around the world and serves as a frequent advisor for universities, organizations, major tech companies and start-ups.”
Western Bonime (Forbes)


“While everyone was marveling that we could land on the moon, Ghislaine was marveling that we could speak to someone ON the moon. Thus began her interest in Telepresence. A performance artist she has explored the possibilities of virtual enhancement of our senses and ways to bring together body data like touch, movement, gesture, emotion and empathy through convergences of robotics, wearables, telepresence, hepatic and virtual reality since the mid-nineties. Through these projects, she has created moving and transformational links between thousands of people across the world.”

Western Bonime (Forbes)

“Boddington paints a fascinating picture of a world and believes that our quest to augment our existence and indulge in new experiences will lead us to turn our bodies into “digital interaction canvas.”

Alice Bonasio (Eitor in Chief of Tech Trends)

“As Ghislaine Boddington, creative director of body>data>space, noted in her talk on virtual reality and the “Internet of Bodies”, the hope for the future is in recognising and augmenting physical bodies in games and play.

Jordan Erica Webber and Kat Brewster (The Guardian)

“Ms Boddington is a pioneer in immersive technology, which emulates the physical environment through a digital or simulated world. …… [Her] vision of the future is one where people talk interchangeably about their digital and physical selves, a world in which microchips embedded under your skin enable you to have a physical relationship with another person remotely.”

Serena Tarling (Financial Times)

“Ghislaine Boddington, curator of the “future of love” section of the FutureFest, said [that] the aim is to look at things that aren’t around the corner but up to 30 years away and broaden horizons.”

Cahal Milmo (Chief Reporter for The Independent)