As the sci-fi vision of the digital human starts to become reality, how can we ensure and prepare for a positive enhancement of our human selves? As technologies move inside our bodies Ghislaine presents examples of the burgeoning interest in non-medical implants – personalised for our own needs and able to replace several day-to-day requirements such as keys, travel and finance cards or enabling us to open our phones, laptops and homes with gestural swipes.

Such implants are already in use by a diverse range of cyborg humans, advanced pioneers in embedded technologies who are advocating for a Cyborg Bill of Rights. Yet also in the corporate sector there is a trend towards inserted micro-chips for smart ticketing, banking and personal medical information.

This special event will involve a range of specialists, curated and presented by Ghislaine, who will share their knowledge and findings, and engage in an onstage and audience interactive conversation, finalising with a live micro-chip implant led by a specialist, where a volunteer will receive a personal chip for usage.

What are the positive and negative implications of implants for humans? What embedded technologies and their encryption means for our data rights and protection? Are such technologies invasive and dehumanising or a natural development as we extend ourselves and create a collaborative enhancement process with internal devices, including attached AI?