The integration of humans with our evolving technologies is moving faster than we realise, pointing to major transformations not only to our bodies, but to our understanding of ourselves and our identities. Ghislaine shares her thoughts on the directions being taken and the potential positive and negative outcomes ahead, extending the debate over the enhancement of our bodies through an examination of the link between personal data and embedded biometric technologies.

Ghislaine uses her expertise in the evolution of our physical selves and our data selves – what she calls “The Internet of Bodies”. She references fascinating topical examples of body interventions and modifications of all types, from medical implants to cosmetic surgery, hi-tech prothesis/robotic extensions, implantable devices, the use of artificial intelligence and other sensory enhancement additionalities.

Topical concerns regarding the harvesting of our biometrics as value assets – for behavioural and emotional patterning – will be examined linked to differing approaches globally. Her talk explores with you the personal implications this will have for our individual digital footprint and how this could affect our identity and our responsibility to self and others. What are the potential regulatory answers to these imperative questions regarding our agency in this world?

“I explore a space where our physical bodies and our data selves merge and converge seamlessly. I research virtual physical blended presence and the shift in our identities through our avatar and robotic interactions, the integration of our senses and gestures and our evolving behaviours in virtual space.” Ghislaine Boddington