Ghislaine is well known for her long-term advocacy for diversity in collaboration, believing strongly that this is the only future pathway for creating truly inclusive innovations. She proposes a clear view on why we should prioritise gender equity in the tech sector, which is based on her work founding one of the first women in tech networks Women Shift Digital, as Spokesperson for Deutsche Bank’s accelerator Women Entrepreneurs in Social Tech and as a Trustee of the Stemettes.

A better balance in the workplace has many advantages both internally and externally, and facts are proving that this extends marketplace engagement and company value through attracting a wider customer base. Growth within female founded businesses is excelling and yet investment is not, with still over 90% of venture capital going to male founded businesses. Exploring methodologies to enable a balanced collaborative workplace, from the top to the bottom, Ghislaine will put forward examples of quality creation and dissemination of products and services made for diverse needs and communities and based on deep collaboration, trust and common sense.